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Walkway replacement - Design, Demolition, grading, masonry

This significant transformation occurred as the original curved concrete walkway, steps, and landing were removed, making way for a fresh and modern upgrade.

The new front walkway boasts clean lines and a contemporary appeal, with gray flagstone paving the way from the driveway to the newly constructed front stairs and landings. This revitalized pathway not only enhances the visual aesthetics of the property but also adds a touch of sophistication.

A standout feature of this renovation is the designed stone planter that beautifully frames the walkway. The planter, crafted from the same gray stone, seamlessly integrates with the walkway’s aesthetic, lending a cohesive and harmonious look to the entire front entrance. The placement of the planter is thoughtfully centered on the front entrance, drawing attention to the front door and creating a balanced and inviting focal point.

Overall, this project showcases a seamless blend of modern design elements, enhancing the property’s curb appeal and functionality. The replacement of the concrete walkway with the elegant gray flagstone and the addition of the matching stone planter demonstrate a well-executed transformation that will leave a lasting impression on all who visit.

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