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“Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance” . . .
“Good things are worth waiting for” . . . 

We have all heard these statements, but they ring especially true when planning, designing, and constructing a new landscape. This is where we make decisions that impact the experience during construction as well as the final outcome.




Click the BOOK A CALL button at the bottom of this page to fill our our Book a Call Form. Here, we will gather your basic contact information, ask for current pictures of your property, and other details. Once completed, our system will save your information so it is available during our Consultation Call. This Call serves as a formal introduction as well as an opportunity for you to decide if we are the right company for you. Likewise, if your project is not a good fit for us, we will try to steer you in the right direction. Don’t worry — we will not leave you hanging.


We have completed our Call and decided we would like to meet each other. Please reserve 45 minutes to two hours for this consultation. We will walk through the landscape, listen to you, evaluate the property, and suggest opportunities. We will provide you with information, explain the order and processes in which work will be completed, and educate you on what needs to be done. We will take pictures, gather measurements, and define the constraints and opportunities for the design. You will receive a Proposal for the Landscape Design specifying the Scope of Work. This is a required step in our process. We do invoice for this Consultation and will credit it toward your project if we continue working together.  


These plans are an extremely worthwhile investment that:


  • Give you a firsthand look at what the Final Project will look like.

  • Eliminate the unknown and minimize unpleasant surprises.

  • Are required for Permitting (along with other documents).

  • Allow us to stay on Budget.

  • Provide direction when performing work in phases.

  • Allow us to accurately estimate Materials and Labor.


Once you approve the Landscape Plan, we will perform the final takeoff and calculate the final price of your project. In most cases, a Construction/Installation Proposal will be sent to you in 72 hours or less. For more complex projects, more time may be necessary. Once your proposal is approved, we will proceed with permitting if required.


Upon approval of the Landscape Design Proposal and confirming we have all the collateral materials and information needed, your designer will get to work. Considerations will be made according to Building Codes and Requirements, Historical Review, Permitting, and the needs and intended uses of your property. Your design will be completed in three to five weeks, depending on scope. Once the Plan is completed, we will schedule a time to review it with you. During this presentation we will bring samples, catalogs, and images of materials to be considered. Here, we work out the particulars of your project and make sure we cover everything. 


Yes, it is possible that your project will require permitting. If so, know that we will be working through the process on your behalf. This process can take four to six weeks for most projects. During this time, we will schedule BMPs for Erosion Control and Tree Protection, finalize orders for plants and materials, schedule deliveries, and schedule crews. 

Once we have our permit and initial inspection we will begin our work. Be forewarned, the early stages of most projects are disruptive. We will bring in a lot of equipment and materials onto your property and will create a work-related staging area that will create an impact on your access and usage. Your property will become an active construction zone, and there will be significant digging that may cause concern at first. This activity is often underestimated by our clients and can be a bit of a shock. We assure you that this is a normal part of the building process and will not last longer than necessary.


Here is an outline of the steps in order:

  1. Grading and Drainage

  2. Foundations and Footings

  3. Plumbing and Electrical

  4. Hardscapes and Masonry

  5. Water Features

  6. Irrigation

  7. Large Plants and Trees

  8. Smaller Plants and Sod

  9. Landscape Lighting

  10. Mulch, Flowers, Containers, and Final Touches

Upon completion of your landscape installation, the Project Manager will conduct a walkthrough to ensure all specifications are met. Irrigation and Lighting Controllers will be programmed and inspected. Plants will be inspected and hand-watered. Final cleanup is completed and inspections are cleared. We will take photos before, during, and after the project to document our work. We will return to inspect the landscape one week, three weeks, and six weeks after the completion to make sure everything is performing as intended. 


Exclusively for our Design-Build Clients,
We offer seasonal services specific to your property that include:

  • Seasonal Color Design and Installation

  • Container Gardens

  • Technical Pruning

  • Mulch Service  

  • Pond Cleanups

  • Irrigation - Spring Startup, Seasonal Adjustments, and Winterization


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