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Our Story

Founded in 2006, with humble beginnings in his garage, Scott Reinblatt took the leap of faith that his education and field experience would be enough to forge a great new landscape company. Despite his best planning, time has shown that his entrepreneurial seizure was destined for greatness, then failure, then rebirth before finally understanding what success really is. 

From the beginning, it was very clear where we wanted to be, whom we wanted to work with, and what we could do to help. Despite a drought, recession, housing and bank crisis, and the normal challenges of building a new business, the first five years were like riding a rocket ship. We grew in size and scale, upgraded from the garage, to a warehouse, to a bigger warehouse with offices, and, finally, to a bigger warehouse with bigger offices and enough land to stock all the materials and equipment we could need. Our team grew with it. We opened a branch on the Georgia coast and had another office and warehouse. Celebrating our 10-year anniversary should have been fun and exciting, but it wasn’t. We were no longer having fun. The company culture changed due to the massive growth and new people. The work we were doing did not inspire us — it was just a means to an end. We became just another bloated landscape company with a vague identity. We needed a change and a break.


In 2016 the decision was made to get back to the basics, bring back the fun, and reignite the passion — or quit altogether. So, we closed the branch on the coast, found new jobs for all but our core employees, sold equipment and trucks, downsized our shop, and reduced the company all the way to its essence. This took a few years, a ton of sacrifice, and a lot of hard work. And it has been totally worth it!

Now, we are often referred to as a “boutique” firm. We have no visions of grandeur. We are not motivated by massive scale and top-line revenues. We are motivated by facilitating human connection through our work. We know what we do, whom we do it for, and, perhaps most importantly, we know WHY! 

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We make a positive contribution to our small corner of the world. We achieve this by being experts in our field, doing work that matters for people who care. We design and construct wonderful living spaces for families and friends to gather and enjoy time together. We create spaces for children to play and learn. We solve problems and provide peace of mind. We create value and preserve culture. We make your place more enjoyable. We are not just landscapers, hardscapers, masons, and drainage specialists. We are a unique part of this community. This is where we fit. And we are totally happy to be a “boutique” Landscape Design/Build Firm that relies on client referrals to keep us going.


Our purpose is to improve the lives of our clients, team members, and partners, enhance the livability in our community, and leave a legacy for the next generation. 

We love living and playing in Atlanta. This city is special. The canopy of our Urban Forest is a unique source of beauty and protection that allows us to enjoy a healthy life outdoors. We love the way in which we respect each other and grow forward as a dynamically gifted community. We appreciate the details of the original architecture in our oldest neighborhoods and admire the new trends as they emerge. We believe we have the responsibility to help cultivate this culture. We believe in quality products, contextual materials, innovative designs, and professional workmanship. We celebrate life with our clients. We take care of our people by paying them well and investing in their training and education. We support our schools and community with fundraisers and volunteer days. We support Georgia nursery growers that supply our industry. We only use the best equipment, tools, and technology. We value our relationships with our professional partners. It takes a Village . . . we just happen to live in the best one around. 


Scott Reinblatt

President and Chief Horticultural Nerd

GCLP, GSWCC Level 1A Certified, ICPI



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