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Porch repointing - Expert Masonry

The meticulous process of repointing a 1910s brick porch embodies our dedication to preserving historical charm and structural integrity.

With a nod to the past, our skilled artisans removed the weathered and deteriorated mortar, carefully chiseling away the years to reveal the essence of the original craftsmanship. The new mortar mixture (formulated to mirror the historical composition) has been painstakingly applied, joint by joint. This restoration not only addressed the structural concerns but also ensured a seamless integration with the porch’s historical context.

The revived mortar subtly varies in tone and texture, paying homage to the passage of time and the legacy of the brickwork. The repointed porch is a testament to the harmonious marriage of preservation and renewal, preserving the grace of a bygone era while securing its place in the future.

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