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Courtyard revitalization- design, grading, drainage, hardscape/ pavers

This Decatur courtyard patio, nestled in the heart of the property, underwent a dramatic revitalization to improve its allure and usability. The space has undergone a remarkable transformation, once marred by failing concrete and tile.

The initial step involved meticulously removing the old, deteriorating patio surface, clearing the way for a new era of functionality and aesthetics. Recognizing the past drainage issues, we stealthily integrated a comprehensive solution to ensure a dry environment. This included the subsoil drainage system and modern synthetic base structure. This thoughtful addition promises to prevent future water accumulation, preserving the integrity of the space for years to come.

As the groundwork for renewal was laid, attention turned to choosing large format pavers. These substantial stones exude timeless elegance while promising durability and easy maintenance. These pavers find their place through the carefully navigated 32-inch doorway, reclaiming the courtyard into a refined haven. Amid the expanse, a grilling station has been carved into the existing elevated brick planter, ready to host gatherings and culinary adventures.

This redesign breathes life into a once-troubled space, crafting a courtyard patio that harmonizes beauty with functionality and is primed to entertain with its inviting presence.

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